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Forbes Innovation Award 2023

We are honored that Nomad Cabins was awarded 2nd place during the 2023 Forbes Innovation Awards in the Innovative Product category for its prefab Cabin N


the Minimalist Cabin N

An article by Capital covering Nomad Cabins as a whole and providing insight into the Cabin N project and marketing collaboration with IKEA Bulgaria.


Prefab -
the new form
of dwelling

A Podcast episode of Govori Internet in conversation with Nomad Cabins founder Nina Manchorova and co-founder Vitan Nikolov who give insight into the workings of the company and its mission


An Elevated Experience

An article by our partners JAF Bulgaria introducing our completed House O project in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria


Мore than a Cabin

An article by our partnering company JAF Bulgaria introducing our completed Cabin N prototype which was fabricated with their support and sponsorship.


Guilt-free and glamorous nature living

Vitosha Venture Partners covers the story behind the founding of Nomad Cabins, a Bulgarian company revolutionizing sustainable living.

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